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About Us

The Daddy Daughter Dance was started in 2008 by a group of residents who were committed to providing an event that encouraged a healthy, strong relationship between girls and their dads.  From our humble beginnings that year and a crowd of less than 150 dancers, this event has grown into a community event that is treasured by over a thousand dads and their daughters each year.

Young Life,  a local youth outreach organization, leads the team and provides the primary funding. In addition, we receive support and volunteers from many different churches and organizations, and we are grateful for them all!

If you are interested in partnering with the Daddy Daughter Dance as a supporting business or organization, please text/call 719-371-1713

The Daddy Daughter Dance is an event designed to serve the community, both by providing an unforgettable night to dads and daughters, as well as helping fund local teenager's trips to a life changing Young Life camp.


We are always in need of volunteers to help with the planning and implementation of the dance.  This generally looks like a 3 hour time commitment the day before the dance, and we'd be grateful for your help! 


Volunteers ensure its success and longevity in this community.  To express interest in volunteering, please text/call 719-371-1713

What Can I Expect?

The whole night is designed with one thing in mind: building strong, healthy relationships between dads and daughters.  With that in mind, here are a few "things to know":

  • Attire: there is no attire specifically required.  All are welcome.  Most girls are in dresses, but range from formal to casual.  The majority of girls wear somewhere in between.  The same with the men.  There are a few formal, and there are some who come in everyday casual wear, but most are in collared shirts and jackets.  Corsages and boutonnieres are offered by local florists, often at a discount.

  • Age: we want and welcome dads and daughters of all ages! Even if dad is now a grandad and daughter is now a mom, this is a great event for all.

  • Food: limited snacks are available at the dance, but nothings that would replace a meal. Please don't come hungry.  Water will be available but no other drinks.

  • Music: music will be provided by a family friendly DJ.  Both slow and upbeat songs are played.

  • Theme: We keep our theme a secret because of the fun that the element of discovery holds as participants enter the dance for the first time.

  • Extra costs: optional experiences are offered for a minimal fee at the dance.

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